Faster WordPress

How to Speed Up WordPress Site

WordPress site speed is a crucial factor for your online business and a fast site is a key to growing your online business as well as improving your visibility on Google. In this article we will see how to speed up WordPress website properly.

According to Google, the average page speed should be less than 2s.

When you talk about the performance of WordPress, first you have to understand the factors affecting the site speed of WordPress and then you can work on those things to boost your WordPress website speed.

Why are pages loading slow in WordPress?

WordPress is a bit slow in nature and speed can be boosted if you can identify the most common issues and apply the correct solution to overcome those performance issues.

Here are common issues that you have to fix to speed up WordPress.

  1. Slow connectivity of PHP code and the MYSQL database
  2. Not implementing the caching of the website at the code level and server level
  3. Large page size causes WordPress to load WordPress site very slow
  4. Displaying unoptimized images
  5. Slow WordPress theme
  6. Unoptimized WordPress plugins
  7. The old version of the PHP
  8. Not optimized background tasks running
  9. Poor server configuration and service limit.

The above factors are affecting the loading time of your website and another main thing affecting the speed of your website is the hosting platform.

Two ways to speed up WordPress website

  • Doing non-technical stuff

Some of the tasks can be done by non-technical people. For example, anyone can do image optimization. One can use an external tool to reduce the size of the images or you can install the WordPress plugin that will do all the work on behalf of you.

  • Doing some technical stuff

Some of the tasks have to be done with the help of a technical person and you can sign up for a maintenance package from

Quick ways to boost the speed of WordPress.

Here are quick ways to improve your load speed of WordPress. Some of the tasks are easy and some of them should be done by a WordPress expert.

  • Run the speed test of your target page.

PageSpeedInsight and GTmetrix are the most popular free speeding testing tools available.

  • You need a fast server to host your website.

Select the hosting provider based on the traffic of your website and the content which you are going to deliver to your web users. You can choose a shared server, VPS, or dedicated server based on your requirement.

  • It is better to have the latest or updated software on your hosting server.
  • Install the latest PHP version and the latest version of the WordPress.
  • Install only high-quality plugins that are not going to slow your website.

It is essential to select a good set of plugins for your requirements because plugins play an important role in determining the speed of WordPress. Poorly coded plugins can ruin the performance of your WordPress.

Make sure you always run the site’s speed before and after installing each plugin to get an idea of what is performing well.

  •  lightweight theme with proper coding.
  •  Enable lazy loading of your pages and other contents.
  •  Optimize the video to reduce the size.
  •  Use CDN to reduce the load on your server.
  •  Minify the CSS and JS files so that you can load the pages very fast.
  •  Use server-level caching and website-level caching.
  •  Clean up the database regularly to fine tune MYSQL database.

Can WP plugins be used to boost speed?

Yes, you can use WordPress plugins to improve the performance of WordPress. For example, you can use WP Rocket, NitroPack, WP Super Cache, etc.

Most of the WP speed optimization plugins provide caching, GZIP compression, Database Cleanup, and optimization, lazy loading feature, and image optimization, etc.

But these tools alone cannot be used to improve the performance of your website. You have to get the help of a WordPress expert.

At you can find skilled developers to do all these jobs for you and we will help you to run your WordPress website super fast without any issues.