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WordPress checklist

WordPress Maintenance Checklist

Table of Contents Check analytics of your website Regularly check the analytics of your website. You can identify sudden traffic drop, Google algorithm changes,
image optimization for WordPress

Best WP Image optimization plugins

Image optimization is an important factor to consider in WordPress SEO especially Image SEO in WordPress. In this article we will see WP image
Fix WordPress Errors

How to Fix Common Errors in WordPress

Errors in your WordPress site is a major problem if your entire business depends on the website. Small downtime will affect your income and
Form Builders for WP

Popular Form Builder Plugins for WP

Form is one of the methods to collect user inputs. Every website has to use at least one form to get information from visitors
WordPress SEO

Importance of Site Speed – SEO Management

Websites that are slow to load have negative effects on the entire SEO strategy and can lead to poor performance. Site Speed optimization becomes
WordPress Plug-ins in 2022

Best Starter Plugins for WordPress in 2022

Finding the correct set of plugins for your WordPress website can be a very tricky thing, as there are almost 55,000 officially registered WordPress
Custom Fields

Adding Custom Fields to WordPress

When you create post or page in WordPress you can add title, description, excerpt etc. but for some post you may need to add

Security for your WordPress website

WordPress is running 43% of the entire website in the world but WordPress is the most hacked website according to the reports. This does

Backup Your WordPress Website

Backup your WordPress Website WordPress does not come with a website backup option. Without a backup of your current WordPress site, you will lose
Faster WordPress

How to Speed Up WordPress Site

Boost WordPress Speed