Our WordPress Services

At MotoCoders, we offer more than just WordPress maintenance services. Our expertise extends to the development of WordPress and WooCommerce websites, ensuring they operate smoothly, swiftly, securely, and efficiently. Our team excels in creating custom WordPress Plugins, performing WordPress API integrations, crafting bespoke themes, and managing all facets of WordPress/WooCommerce coding and development.

In addition to our development services, we provide on-site technical SEO tailored specifically for WordPress/WooCommerce sites to enhance your online visibility and search engine ranking. Our capabilities also encompass the integration of advanced technologies such as Laravel, React, UX/UI design, and PHP development—either in conjunction with WordPress or as standalone solutions.

Our innovative streak has led us to develop IoT applications that cater to the specific needs of our customers. Furthermore, we are adept at building mobile applications for both iOS and Android platforms, delivering seamless and responsive user experiences across devices.

Maintenance Services

Keep your WordPress or WooComemrce website update and secure and loading lighting fast.
Maintenance plans that work for you.


Our team develops WordPress and WooCommerce sites on a daily basis, lets develop your site next and get your idea moving forward.

WooCommerce Development

Get your online E-Commerce solutions built and running quickly with our team of Woo Experts. If you can dream it, we can build it. We

Migration Services

Migration your site from one location to anther loctaion, we are here to transport that site and make sure it runs smoothly.

Plug-in Development

Sometimes you need a custom plug-in to get your website functioning properly and effectivly. We make Custom Plug-ins.

API intergrations

Do you need to conenct your WordPress to some other application via an API and unsure where to go. We can do this, headache gone!

Speed Optimization

Improve WordPress Load-time using cache clearing solutions. We fully optimize the website and make it laod quickly for a better user experience.

Theme Development

Why have your site look like templates, when you have us build a custom theme and fully customize it your business needs.

Help and Support

Wordpress related support is all we do, so we are here to help with any WordPress Or WooCommerce Issue. Our support team is available 24/7.

One Time Cure
(repair wordpress)

Your site is broken, not sure what to do or why it happened. DON"T PANIC, Motocoders can help! We fixe these issues every day.

Malware Hack Removal and Full Site Scan

Your site was hacked and you need it cleaned up and the malware removed. We do that and we do it quickly. We provide you a full report as well.

Update PHP Versions and Fully test

Always Keepp yuor PHP verions up to date as it improves your site health. Sometines it not a simple update. We will do that for you.

Custom Laravel
Web Development

MotoCoders has built many Laravel applications for many industries. We understand the PHP framework with Laravel.


On-site SEO, optimize content, create proper index files, contect and monitor key words with google analytics. Lets get started to help dive traffic.

Mobile App Development (iOS and Android)

At Motocoders, can build Android and Apple iOS moble applications and get your app into the app stores. Lets get started today on your next app.

Native Development

We use React to develop applications for Android, iOS, Web and UWP providing native UI Controls. We have done it - so lets get started.

IoT Development

IoT, information of things. We can help connect those devices to the internet and report them back to dashboards. Reach out to use to get started today.

UI/UX Development

We can build a proper user interface design that will make sure that generates a great user experience for your clients or organization.

PHP Web Development

PHP, the general-purpose scripting language moving web development. If you need a server side script, or just general development, this is it!

White Label Services

Let us be your backendw while you manage your customers and use our services with your Brand. Lets become partners, are you ready?