About Us - WordPress Maintenance Service Provider in Canada

At MotoCoders, we pride ourselves on being the go-to experts for WordPress Maintenance Services in Canada. We also specialized in WordPress development services.

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What are we all about?

We actually started in the web hosting field back in 2004.  our executive team has been involved with Information technology, telecom, Cloud hosting and web development starting in the 90s.  We have been around the block.  As our hosting company evolved we started to see the challenges customers had keeping their website secure and working properly.

so .. MotoCoders was sprung in 2017.

Moto stands for Masters of the Obvious and Coders are web coders.  Coding is how we started. We Built many websites almost exclusively WordPress, then we realized that WordPress from the days of the simple blog app has grown into a complex web management platform, that needs to stay up to date, and managed almost on a daily basis. 

That is where we come in and we care about.

We are part of your team to help keep your WordPress / WooCommerce Website running smoothly, quickly, and efficiently, and keep it all up to date.


Our goal is to be an part of your team

When you a sign up for a membership service, we become part of your team to help with your website development, and assure that your website is always working at top performance, is locked and clean, fully secure and optimized. 

Some of What we do, with your website.

  • monthly web edits
  • daily malware scans
  • regular backups
  • Performace and Website Speed Enhancements
  • add security plug-ins
  • add SEO plug-in
  • add Cache plug-in
  • monitoring and remove spam comments
  • Monitor your website and domain
  • integrate google analytics
  • Emergency 24/7 Support

Our Team of web coders and developers are among the best with WordPress and WooCommerce. Take the time to view our portfolio and see what we have built over the years.

Now we manage and maintain sites for many of those same customers.

Why Choose Us

Less Headaches

We managed your website so you do not need to. PERIOD!

More Secure

We lockdown, and secure your website with our tools to prevent hacks

Better Performance

We install and set up tools so nobody will wait for your website to load

More Backups

having your host back up your cPanel is good, but we backup your WordPress on our servers