Hosetracker APP


Hosetracker is a a web based application that allows customers to check and certify their hoses. The application was custom built for Ontario Hose Systems

    • https://www.hosetracker.com
    • Fully Custom Coding
    • Fully Custom coded
    • Ontario Hose Systems
    • December 15, 2021

Hosetracker is a tool that is used by industries to verify and certify their hoses. The applications follows many standard safety regulations, and allows and informs customers when hoses need to be inspected or tested. Each Hose is given an unique identification number, and then is tested and provided a Certificate that is and meet standards and guidelines. The applications lets Ontario Hoses Customers track their hoses for their industrial applications. It separates Ontario Hose from their competitors. We took the old windows .net code and converted into a PHP, MongoSQL and custom coded to make it more secure, reliable, and more useable.