Frequent Asks Questions

After you sign-up for one of our packages from the price plans. We will send you a welcome letter, we will then follow up with a list of requirements.  After we review things we will begin by installing one of our management plug-ins and do a full back-up of your website. At this point we will slowly start to update plug-ins and the onboarding starts. It will take up to 2 weeks for us to add in all our security, and performance enhancements.

We Operate 24 | 7 because our staff is 100% remote. We give customers free access to premium plug-ins like WP Rocket. We are small enough to care for all our customers, and big enough to have the knowledge and experience needed. 

If you are a non profit, please contact us via one of the on-line forms on our website and we will reach out and discuss special pricing.

YES, We know that numerous website have multiple users, developers, freelancers as well as internal marketing staff. As long as we know about the changes they are making to avoid conflicts, there should not be a problem

We do full backups of your full  WordPress site, and this is much better than your hosts backup which is typically all of cPanel. We specifically back up WordPress and the site code

Regardless of where yo host your website and if you are moving hosts and need us to do the migration, we will perform the service for you

although our focus is WordPress we can code in many formats. We are know to build custom applications and take old legacy programs and re-write them in PHP, SQL. If you need custom coding contact us via any of the online forms on our website.

We work with many Web Hosting companies, Agency, Freelancers, marketing companies. We support and have an Agency Program that will be custom for your needs